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Upscale self catering accommodation with splendid sea view, complimentary pick-up service
and luggage transfer from Poros port, offer all the advantages of a beautiful, fully equipped home
and  the charm of authentic Greek island living.


Sto Roloi has been chosen among the 10 best villa retreats in Greece for 2015 by The Telegraph GB.



A little bit about architecture:

In Poros town you will witness the existence of two completely different architectural styles coexisting: along the harbor promenade we find impressing 19th century neoclassical buildings that remind us of the historical influence of Athens on Poros. Other buildings climbing up the hills of the village are simple farm houses, with few to no decorative features: white painted, rectangular small buildings with colored wooden windows, a narrow wooden balcony and a tiled roof.


Our properties give a taste of the above:
Situated prominently just above the seaside promenade, Poros’ oldest neighborhood, below the islands’ landmark, the clock tower (Roloi), Sto Roloi is the most historical of the three properties. It dates back to 1840 and is a fine example of the 19th century neoclassical architecture.

The Anemone Residence is situated higher up in Poros town, facing the bay of Poros and blessed with wonderful sunset views. It is a typical example of an island farmer’s property, surrounded by high, white stone walls with a colored wooden entrance gate. The main house consists of two floors, the upper floor offering the main living room, with white painted exterior walls without decorative features. Various smaller buildings, stables and store rooms surround the little court yard. A small garden is used as a kitchen garden, planted with vine, herbs, vegetables, at least one lemon and an olive tree.

The Limeri property, situated on top of Poros town, facing south and the famous sea passage of Poros, has also farm house characteristics. This was a poor man’s property, situated so high up, that only goats want to climb up there, without surrounding stone walls or entrance gate. The main building must have given shelter to more than one family at a time, as various openings in the walls had been made and then closed again according to the housing needs of men and cattle.


and interior design:
When I studied architecture Austria I specialized in the restoration of historical buildings, and went on to restore four medieval properties in my native town, Salzburg. When years later I worked my own houses on Poros, I really enjoyed doing the interior decoration. I decided to do each property in a different style. While respecting the original character and architectural features of each house, I chose a combination of traditional and modern décor elements, with fresh colors and lots of attention to detail.
The Sto Roloi property had been left by its former owners with all furniture. I took them to Athens during the building restoration process, where I had them restored and repaired, and now they are back to decorate the house once again, together with a few contemporary pieces. Paintings throughout the property –oil, pastel, aquarelle and ink–, all by Gefso Papadaki (
Anemone Residence features what I like to call my attempt of “antic fusion”: I combined traditional furniture, decorative pieces and handicraft from different countries and cultures, such as Greece, Austria, Constantinople (Istanbul), Hungary, Romania and even Indonesia, and I am still excited about the harmonious result.
At the Limeri property I was fascinated by the overall amazing views from every corner of the place and the peaceful power of nature surrounding it. Apart from careful restoration of the island farm house, stable and minor building, I used color as the main decorative element to enhance the permanent interlude of built structure and surrounding nature. No antiques, nor laces, vases and copper bowls this time - simply shaped, colored and functional furniture, few cushions and candles are enough to create a cozy atmosphere and an extraordinary ambience.


In 2015 however, over 20 years after Roloi property had first been restored, it was time for a complete interior renovation of all houses: with the ingenious help of interior designer-stylist Hara Kontaxaki (, whose fresh ideas contributed to an amazing development of my original design, we achieved a beautiful result: Roloi, Anemone and Limeri are now cozy- traditional and yet youthful - easy going at the same time.

Iannis and Odysseas Vacharidis ( in their fantastic photo shooting give perfect witness of our houses’ new look.

Graphic designer Olga Kodoni ( took well care of an appropriate presentation and developed not only our new logotype but also the beautiful website you are exploring right now.

The complete renovation and redecoration process including the final photo shooting took us over a year’s time and quite a financial investment in times of economic crisis. We believe, that it was well worthwhile – and are waiting now impatiently for our guest’s comments. Certainly it was great fun working together on my beloved houses, and in the process we all learnt a lot from each other.

Between 2021 and 2023 Little Tower at Anemone Residence as well as Garden Apartment at Roloi property have been again completely renovated. All other accommodations have been partly renovated. Together with Stylist Hara Kontaxaki we refresh the interior decor and garden details on a yearly base. This way each spring our houses present themselves fresh and good looking for the new season, ready to welcome our guests. 

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