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In 1984 I moved to Athens/Greece with my Greek husband George. Ten years later I set first step on the island of Poros at an improvised day trip early in summer 1994, for a short break from an extremely challenging working period in Athens. It was love at first sight.
By the end of the same year I was the proud owner of a beautiful island house in the state of desolation – roof fallen in, stone work dissolving, gardens overgrown and filled with litter, and the upper rooms exposed to winter rains and storms, giving home to pigeons, and various other living creatures..
One understands fate and this famous red thread in the story of a human life only when looking back after some years: this daytrip had been the beginning of a new orientation, both, personally and professionally. Within the following decade I turned from housing developer in the Greek capital into architect – hotelier, commuting for 2 days every week and all year round to the small island. Gradually and constantly I have been approaching different ways of life, closer to nature, discovering the rules of coexistence in a small community and understanding the value of traditions. The island and its people have accepted me with their natural generosity and refer to me as “the Austrian”, a title that makes me both proud and grateful.
The story of a concept:
It took several years to restore the old property, as well as a lot of thought, hard work, and battles against the Greek bureaucracy. In1999 “Sto Roloi”, consisting of two apartments and one Studio, was finally ready for its first guests. My dream - to share my love and admiration for the natural beauty and positive energy of the island of Poros with visitors coming from all parts of the world - was coming true.
The concept is to offer a very personal and private vacation home combined with the service and amenities of an upscale hotel, which yet retains the unique atmosphere and authenticity of its charming Greek island setting.
Following my heart rather than a serious business plan I later bought two more abandoned and broken down properties in Poros town, and restored them with great attention to detail.
In summer 2003 the restoration of the “Anemone Residence”, consisting of Anemone House and “Pyrgaki”, the Little Tower, was finished and offered two more accommodations.
In summer 2007 finally the “Limeri Residence” came to live after a long and painful period of restoration work filled with obstacles, and thus - for now - completes the small enterprise.

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