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Guest book

from Belgium, July 2008 Dorien and Stefan

Dear Marie Louise,

We have now returned to our chain gang in Belgium but our hearts are still in Greece! We forgot to write something in the book in the house, hence this e-mail. We wish to thank you a 1000 times for the very very pleasant stay we had in Poros. Our holidays were among the best we ever had and this was largely due to our stay in Poros. The Limeri house is just fantastic; it has all the comforts you need – and actually many more, we didn’t use the sound and vision bathtub-, and it’s location cannot be beaten. Then there are Kostas, Manos and the others: you are blessed to have such friends. You and them made us feel really like guests, not just tourists renting a house. Kostas’ wife is among the best cooks in Greece. Pls tell her so. We do eat out a lot wherever we are (= most of the time) and we have been so often to Greece and tried so many restaurants: honestly, her food is top level! Her zuchini balls are the best in the world! Kostas is really charming (although not very talkative) and Manos is truly an angel, as you said. We ate there every day and sometimes even twice. Aspros Gatos on the other side was a disappointment (we had very few though). We also had dinner once at Platanos which was ok. Dimitri was full. We rented a bike which was an interesting experience too, especially in the small streets leading to our temporary house. Maybe you heard from Dimitri Top rent a car that we didn’t take the ca rafter all. He had reserved a minivan for us which was not really Handy (and quite expensive). So we went to Lemonodassos and got stuck immediately: Stef had to drive in reverse for quite a distance which was rather a stressful experience with this huge car. Keeping in mind the small roads we were about to hit in the Peleponnesos we decided to return our truck and ask for a smaller car. Alas, he had nothing available so we agreed for Dimitri to drive us to Nafplion for a nice Price and he recommended us a rentacar over there which was quite good actually: Bounas. By the way Dimitr doesn’t count per 24 hours but per calendar day which we found quite creative . We also loved Spetses a lot: the Orloff resort is ok, but doesn’t live up to expectations (but these were quite high after Poros!). Nafplion is also a very charming city and then we did the archeological sites of east peleponnesos. Argolis is just beautiful. Following your advice we didn’t go to Olympia and not eve to Mistras, as we had enough on our plate.

Once again, thank you very very much, we already discussed the possibility of coming over just for a long WE in the Limeri house; we’ll keep you posted. And if ever you would come across a property that you wouldn’t want for yourself, pls let us know!

We wish you all the best in life.
Warm regards,


Dorien and Stefaan

from England, September 2008 Marion and Phil

Marie Luise.
Can we both thank you very much, for our stay in Poros, we really enjoyed it, the apartment was excellent, as was your staff.
I checked that our payment was completed OK.

Thanks again Marion & Phil.


Marion and Phil stayed at the Limeri Studio

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