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Guest book

from Sweden, October 2008 Michael, Lilian and Teija

Hello there,
Back in Stockholm again after a fantastic week at Poros.
We love all of your houses. And everyone at Poros!
Send our regards to everyone we know at this great island.
Thanks for having us again.
See you soon..

Michael , Lilian
And Teija

from the US, June 2007 Nicky and Scot

June 23,2007
Dear Marie Luise
Thank you so much for everything. We had a wonderful time. It was absolutely beautiful – a little piece of heaven. The best part was the people. They made us feel like family.
Thank you again Nicky and Scot M. Redondo Beach CA
And from their daughter Taylor, 8 years:
I love Poros
Dear Marie Luise, I loved the restaurant and I also love the people! Manos, Armado, Kostas and Vangelis were so nice. The house is so cute and it makes me feel at home! I love the pool, it is very refreshing! I really liked meeting you and you are so nice! I had so much fun in POROS Love Taylor

from Belgium, summer 2007 Peter and India

Dear Marie Luise
We spent last evening together telling how wonderful our stay in Anemone House was but for the other readers here it is again:
We have now travelled 3 weeks throughout Greece and this place was definitely the most comfortable and Poros a very charming and intimate little island.
(particularly) warm regards from Peter and India C., Belgium (guests through Your Greece)

Canada, April 2008 Michele and Jean

Marie Luise, thank you for sharing some of the culture and traditions of this great country. But countries are made of stone and dirt and buildings are made of brick and mortar. What makes the difference is the people. Those who built the houses, who worked the land. They are the ones who made it what it is today and who gave it their soul.
You and the Poros team are part of this accomplishment. Congratulations and merci!
Michele and Jean, Montreal, Canada, April 19-27, 2008

Sweden, first visit June 08 Michael, Lilian and Teija

Dear Marie Luise
It’s been a fantastic five days here at the Anemone house. We’ve loved the spirit of the house, the genuine interior that immediately makes you feel at home and the spectacular view.We’ve even got along perfectly well with the cats hanging around. Special thanks to Jeanette who has made sure we have a clean house daily.
You will be hearing from us again and are already planning for our next visit to Poros.
See you then Lilian, Michael, Tejan, Stockholm, Sweden 6.6.2008

Schweiz, Juni 2011 Sabina und Alex

 Liebe Marie Luise

Spät aber nicht weniger herzlich möchten wir uns bei Ihnen und Ihrem ganzen Team für die perfekte Organisation unserer Abreise bedanken. Alles hat wunderbar geklappt und der Fieger ist 15 Minuten zu früh in Zürich gelandet!
Wir freuen uns bereits auf September.

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