General Information:

Poros island:
As of May 30, 2020, there has been no reported case of Covid 19 on the island of Poros.

The island can be reached by boat - hydrofoil or classic ferryboat - from Piraeus. Security measures include wearing of mask, social distancing and obligatory answering a questionnaire before boarding the vessel. Poros can also be reached by land on private or rented car. We offer car and driver transfer from airport to island. The special safety measures for this transfer are included later in this booklet. Poros is connected to the opposite main land village of Galata by car ferry during the day as well as by passenger boat 24 hours.

Sto Roloi Island Houses:
We are licensed as traditional hotel of furnished accommodations, A’ category, and stay open all year round. License number is MITE 0207K070A0187000. Sto Roloi consists of 7 detached, independent accommodations within the traditional settlement of Poros town. All accommodations are equipped with kitchen and kitchen gear. There is no indoor common or shared space. Guests can meet each other only in outdoor areas such as the property gardens.

Our Team:
Sto Roloi team consists of 5 people. Florian-Razvan is responsible for reception, guest relations and general maintenance. Jeanetta is responsible for house keeping. Georgiana is assistant house keeper. Toni is responsible for garden maintenance and assistant in guest reception. Marie Luise, manager and owner, is responsible for reservation and guest relations. During your stay with us you will meet these 5 people only. None of us will enter your accommodation during your stay without your prior explicit permission. No other person, technician specialist will be allowed access to your accommodation without your prior permission.


Detailed safety measures:

The safety measures implemented are based on the general protocol of preventive health measures for hotels by the Greek Ministry of Tourism and adapted to the size and possibilities of Sto Roloi’s. Responsible for the implementation of preventive measures as well as appointed crisis manager is Marie Luise. All staff members have been instructed in detail on preventive safety measures, behavior towards guests as well as on the action plan in case of a suspected case of infection at Sto Roloi’s. They have each signed an agreement to abide by and implement all safety measures. Employees have to implement the measures of hand hygiene and social distancing to all persons at all time. All necessary one time safety gear for the staff as well as an emergency kit are provided by the management. For reasons of public health all persons staying at the hotel must be registered in a special archive with their name, nationality, date and duration of stay as well as contact details. This archive is kept exclusively by Marie Luise. Guests are informed in advance that this registration takes place.

Employees with symptoms have to stay at home and inform the public health center or their personal physician. He/she will be examined and tested. That person will stay at home until testing twice negative. Employees must inform the management in case of contact with an infected person and stay at home. Guest with Covid 19 symptoms will be examined by local physician at the accommodation. Should it be necessary guest will be guided to the Public Health Center at Galata where he/she will be further examined and tested.

Guest Welcome - reception:
All our guests are welcomed on Poros harbor upon arrival. Florian or his assistant will expect them wearing a mask and gloves. Hand shake is not allowed. Florian as well as all team members will at all time keep a social distance of 1,50 m to guests and we kindly ask guests to assist in this effort for safety of all. Thus, guests are kindly requested to put down their luggage for Florian to pick it up and consequently bring it to the accommodation. Florian will guide guests to the accommodation. Upon guest’s permission Florian will enter the accommodation to store the luggage. Guests are asked to kindly use the antiseptic gel provided upon entering the accommodation. Guests will at this point be requested to hand their passport and sign a short confirmation regarding their comprehension of our covid 19 policy and measures.

Check in at 15.30 pm and check out at 11.30 am in order to allow enough time between check out and new guest arrival.
For payment guests can send payment in advance to our bank account or pay by credit card or cash in our downtown office. The office will be regularly aired and disinfected. Only one person at a time is allowed access.
For check out Florian will pick up luggage from the accommodation at an appointed time and take over the keys.

House Keeping:
Daily house keeping and day-by-day change of towels and linen is possible. Pool towels are changed twice weekly. According to the official protocol frequency of service is adjusted according to guest preferences. Therefore we gladly accept guest’s preferred service schedule and time. Jeanetta and her assistant will try to tend to the accommodation during guest’s absence from the house. They will enter each accommodation with new mask and gloves. Their working attire, Cotton T-shirt and trousers, are laundered and ironed daily. We refrain from using one-time-robes for environmental reasons. Housekeeper will dispose gloves and mask after leaving each accommodation and wash hands carefully. Before each check in the accommodation will be thoroughly aired and disinfected with the appropriate detergents and disinfectants, with special emphasis on door knobs, light switches and all hard surfaces. All fabrics, cushions, covers etc will be air steamed at+70 degrees. All dishes and kitchen equipment will be washed with dishwashing detergent. We ask for your understanding that all small decorative items as well as books and guest books have been removed from the accommodations for summer 2020. Linen and towels: used linen and towels are collected by the house keeper and transported in closed special laundry bags. Our associated laundry service is instructed to wash at temperatures + 70 degrees Celsius. Cleaned linen and towels are returned in sealed plastic bags.

All split units have been thoroughly cleaned and serviced by May 30. However, the official protocol generally recommends guests to refrain from using aircon.

Plunge pool:
(at Anemone and Limeri Residence)
According to WHO Guidelines for safe recreational water environments - Volume 2 - Swimming pools and similar environments, chlorine and PH values are regularly tested with chlorine value 1-3 mg/l . The plunge pool does not present a hazard. Outdoor furniture and sunbeds are disinfected with appropriate detergent before each check in.  

Car and driver service:
Upon prior reservation a car and driver service is available. We use a mini van with 7 seats for a maximum of 2 independent persons or 1 family up to 4 persons. Driver and passengers are obliged to wear mask and gloves inside the vehicle. An antiseptic gel for guests will be available. Handshake is forbidden. The car should be aired naturally during the ride. The car will be thoroughly cleaned after each tour and all hard surfaces disinfected. 

Note to our guests:


We ask all guests to kindly read this information carefully. We will need your active contribution to implement all the above listed safety measures. This way we can ensure danger of infection to a minimum. Kindly note that in the very unlikely event of Covid 19 infection Hotel Sto Roloi Island Houses, management and staff can in no way be held responsible.